Monday, April 22, 2013


When I saw those nike x liberty last november, I told the salesman I had to buy them because, One I LOVE liberty fabric, Two I really wanted some Nike skyhigh, Three (and for most) They were purple and yellow (gold) and they were reminding me of the Lakers.

While growing up, I liked Basketball (because it was sooo American) but honestly,  I wasn't tooooo much into it. Then, I moved to LA and a (dear) friend invited me a game and it totally changed my perspective. Of course when you live in LA you kinda have to like the Lakers, they are like rock stars over there.. (Plus during the three years I was there they went into the finals and won twice, so it is always cool to see your city team win) 
But, the reason why I, now, like to watch basketball is that (I think) it is so artistic in some ways...Call me crazy, but the way they jump is just supernatural !!! just beautiful, I love it ! 
so GO Lakers! you guys can do it! 
(I know they lost their first game but it's ok they can catch up!) 

going to bed now...good night everyone! 

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