Wednesday, August 3, 2011

so the other day...

...i dreamed we all had crazy colored hair but all that was totally natural..Like we would all be born with pink, teal, or even sparkly hair..I know it can sound very crazy but everything seemed a lot more joyful in my dream hehe

So yeah if i had to pick one color i think i would want my hair light pink...What would be yours?

I love playing with my hair, dying them, cutting them myself etc.. (i know i shouldnt..)
I think it all started when my mom forgot to cut my bang in 1st grade and i had to cut it myself in class because i couldn't see clearly... I can guaranty you that the result was not pretty but it open my mind to a lot of hair possibilities ;)


Nicole Weiner said...

You can be Frenchie from Grease!!!! I think i would for sure have sparkly hair :)

CouCou said...

I would definitely go for electric blue !! :-))

*lucile* said...

@Nicole you totally would have sparkly hair or some that glow in the dark or something cool like that (i realize my dream was a little bit like my little poney land hehe)

@Coucou electric blue sounds great! i love that color! =D