Saturday, June 18, 2011

in the south...

of England...
So, last week-end i spent three days in the Uk. I totally enjoyed this little trip and i totally hope i will be able to go back to the Uk pretty soon... (and why not to move there..) Brighton was really cute, a bit (=really) windy and rainy but oh well we dealt with it ^^
I hadn't spoken english for real in a very long time so i felt a bit rusty sometimes..I particularly loved their accent, and how even if they would curse at you they would sound nice and polite hehe (i'm just assuming coz they didn't do it to me...)

This is my version of the King Arthur...

We visited the Royal Pavilion in Brighton (see here) that was built for the King Georges IV. This place is totally surreal!!! Unfortunately, i didn't take any picture inside since it's strictly forbidden...But i can tell you that i never saw something that crazy before... (for a royal palace..)

During all the hours spent on the road (we got stuck in a 3-4hours traffic jam) we saw so many rabbits & lambs!! super cute!

Of course we went shopping, and we had some tea in a warm tiny cozy place while watching residents walking in shorts, flip flop & umbrella under the very heavy rain...Did I mentioned it rained? well, it's weird but i was not even annoyed by it, i guess it's the effect England has on me..

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