Thursday, October 7, 2010

2years11months...'s the time i spent in California!
I can't believe that it is already over!
I've had the time of my life there, met the most amazing people and realized 3 of my dreams: live in US, Be pretty much fluent in english, and work for the big mouse..
& hopefully, i ll live there again one day! (fingers crossed)

Now, it's time to re-learn to live in Europe & find a job! (not super easy with this economy..)

...and also to take care of this blog!

Bonjour la France! I'm back!


Jeanette Cloum said...

cool! i was waiting for you to be back!!

*lucile* said...


j'essaye de passer demain, sinon je passerai plus tard dans le mois!

Eunmi Ha said...

Aw, I still remember the good bye Korean bbq night! It was so fun! we should meet again soon!! Merry Christmas Lucile!